Snowing in Hell When I Show My Papers…

“It’ll be snowing in hell when I have to show papers to a cop,” (or words to that effect) according to one of the white-haired, snake-charmers of the tea bag party over in Douglas, AZ. Well, dude, it’s summer in Arizona and hotter than hell…and if you look outside, it’s snowing. The nine buffoons of the US Supreme Court decided that, if a cop says he suspects you might be an illegal, he has the right to snarl “Papaaz, old man…show me your papaaz!”

I quote the New York Times, morning of June 25, 2012:

The court unanimously sustained the law’s centerpiece, the one critics have called its “show me your papers” provision. It requires state law enforcement officials to determine the immigration status of anyone they stop or arrest if there is reason to suspect that the individual might be an illegal immigrant.

If a cop suspects…if he suspects that you’re about to commit a crime in New York City, he spread-eagles you against the wall and searches you. If you pass his examination, he tells you to move along down the street. Sure, it’s far more likely that this will happen if you’re black, particularly if you’re black and young, but being black and young isn’t a criterion for being stopped an frisked. How can the NYPD avoid criticism for racial profiling? Stop and frisk everyone. Kinda like a sobriety checkpoint. It’s legal as long as everyone has to stop. Brings to mind that old saw about the boy dog. Why does a dog lick his private parts? Because he can.

What does a police officer have in common with a male canine? He does what he does because he can…

The Supremes just provided carte blanche to the cops for stop and question, ask for papers. Why, pray tell, would a cop stop ask anyone who doesn’t look Hispanic for their papers? Maybe, for instance, the orificer thinks the person is a Canadian who crept across the border in the still of the night to escape the frigid temperatures of the snowy north. Or he detected a bit of an accent that might be European…maybe even…YIKES!…French…which would make the officer suspect the subject was here illegally and is likely a homosexyual, communist, gun-hating frog.

Tea baggers have been electing the right-wing, foaming-at-the-mouth ranters who say they’re going to get Amer’ka back on track. Isn’t that what the good burghers believed when they cast their votes for the little corporal in German of the 1930s?

Papaaz, old man, show me your papaaz!

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