In Fine Anni Observations Part I

In Fine Anni: end of the year, twelve months have limped, wobbled and slithered by since 1 January 2014. On a personal level, 2014 has been a significant improvement compared to 2013. Outside my skin, here in southeast Arizona, then statewide and certainly at the national level, 2014 has been another few steps along the down staircase with the descent appearing as if it might become a bit more rapid.

Let’s wander outside my house and take a look around. I will first offer a caveat. I’m a spectator. I don’t want to be a participant in much of what I observe around me and go to some lengths to avoid too much contact with outside affairs. This explains why I’ve lived in a mountain community of about 5,000 lost souls for more than thirty years. I don’t have to participate if I don’t want to and, for the most part, I don’t. This trait probably had its inception when I first worked as a reporter in the early 1960’s. Observe, report, exit the room without leaving footprints in the dust.

OK, now we’re outside the house. Our little town elected new council members this year. On the + side, the former mayor will return to her fantasy-laiden reality without asking the denizens of Bisbee to join her. The putative heir to her domain lost his bid for election. He, too, shall hopefully fade away. Can the new council and retread mayor (who held the office several years ago) repair our ills?

Can my cat fly a 747? Sure…and so much for that.

The street outside my house was torn to the ground and a layer of chip-seal applied two years ago. Road engineers–the very ones who were supervising the project–told me a new layer of chip-seal should be applied every two years. When, oh Lord, will the tar and rock machines return? Probably when the ruts and potholes in the new street are deep enough to conceal the trucks that pound up and down our street periodically. Ah, well. We, myself and my neightbors expected no less.

Where is the city going to cover its denizens with monetary largesse? Probably outside the city at the local airport which services…US Air?…United?,…no, it services maybe 14 single-engined aircraft that fly upon occasion. Some of them are even owned by local residents. A few are, anyway. Two members of the airport commission have private homes beside the runway. THEY will benefit.

I wonder why the city can’t buy a shop for me to work on my motorcycles? There are far more people who own motorcycles in our little town than there are aircraft owners. Why the disparity?

What walks and what talks?

We shall look farther down the potholed road of local economics in In Fini Anni Observations Pt II (to be posted soon).

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