SIX YEARS…and seven months.

OK, two time spans are being considered. First (and least) it’s been seven months since I posted any falderal. More than half a year since adding blather. I’ve been occupied with other pursuits, endeavors that are even more of a waste than adding to this web blog, but they’ve nonetheless taken my time. I shall attempt–not for your benefit but for mine–to recfify this situation.

Next, and more significant: in just two weeks, I shall celebrate my sixth anniversary of having toppled out of my office chair and onto the floor after having had a myocardial infarction. An MFI, as it’s known in layman’s parlance. Yes, gentle reader, six years have slipped by since I experienced a Myocardial Fucking Infarction. An MFI. I endured three weeks in Tucson’s finest hospitals–Carondolet and UMC–and when my wheelchair rolled out the front door, I sported three new fuel lines to my black and withered heart.

The heart attack and first year of recovery is the topic of a series of posts on this web log. Shall it suffice today to admit I’m still micturating, defecating, consuming calories and expending energy. The operation worked. Well, for me, anyway. Many people who know me believe my survival is just one more proof of a lack of justice in this miserable, disgusting world that supports such monstrosities as Donald Trump and Mitch “the bitch” McConnell.

I suppose in comparison to those two, my survival is a mere speck on the ass of humanity.

Anyway, at least for the next nine days, I shall foist off another meaningless post each new day. Unless, of course, I don’t.

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