Day 2. Why I’ve been absent.

Yesterday, Day 1 of a planned two-week posting hegira on this web log, I referred to not placing any new crap on my blog for the past seven months. Though part of the absence has been due to my innate laziness, there’s another causal factor. For the past eleven months, I’ve had a…job. Yeah. A real, paid weekly (weakly?) job, funded by the US guv’mint. ‘Course, at my rather advanced age, this is likely my last job. No matter, it’s still a job.

Aside: Know why old liberals don’t like oral sex? ‘Cause old liberals don’t like any kind of job. Disclosure. I’m an old liberal.

For almost a year now, I’ve been paid by the US Commerce Department, Bureau of the Census, to wander about the county where I live whilst talking to people about working as enumerators for the 2020 US Census. I’m a recruiter, in government-speak, a recruiting assistant. I get paid on a hourly basis, if I work more than eight hours in a day or more than an accumulative forty hours in a week…I receive time and a half overtime. I get differential pay for time worked before six AM or after six PM. I get premium pay for working on the Sabbath.

Hmmmm. ‘Course the people I work for would rather put me up in a motel than pay overtime. Overtime is verboten under almost all circumstances. My masters would rather dole out money to motel chains than to even consider adding ten bucks to my hourly pay.

This isn’t–as I’m sure you can well imagine–the only inconstancy in the funding for this job. More on that sometime later. This post is an explanation of why I’ve been remiss in posting, not to delve into how verrry strange I find this job to be.

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