Day 3/4=Xmas Savings!

I saved one post! Yes! I fucking did it! I combined my post for day three and day four to save one day’s writing time, one day’s digital output, one day’s waste of electrical power…

What is all this savings going for? Well, I rushed out to the Black Friday Sales yesterday. The prices were so low that at Walmart, the price was reduced to -.08% of the original ticket price. Yes! If I shoved $100 worth of shit through the automated price scanner, I received 80 cents in change (as long as I used my Walmart Visa card, of course).

Target couldn’t wait to match-No! To beat Walmart’s prices!–at the register. Target was reducing prices to -1.5% of the ticket price. One hundred dollars worth of stuff cost a refund of a buck and a half. Back a 53′ trailer up to the back dock and Target workers will help you load that sucker with goods. You can make a fortune on what you buy.

I’m not telling the truth, am I? Sad, sad, sad. Bad, bad, bad. You don’t win anything if you know who I’m referring to.

My significant other and I stayed at home on Black Friday. Weather here in SE Arizona wasn’t nice. Wind, rain, cold…

So, I missed my chance to save, save, save. There was a bundle of shit I wanted, too. I was gonna buy a new douche bag. Douche bags were on sale at Walgreens. Or, I could for a few dollars more, have purchased cheap douche bags in Washington, D.C.

There’s a special on douche bags in the nation’s capitol. Our executive branch is full of them, to say nothing of the legislature and the judicial branches. Aren’t we fortunate?

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