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Dec 25

Self-Driving Cars: Absolutely, Positively Gotta Have One!

Woke up this morning–always a good sign–and realized that it’s Christmas Day 2016, which means I survived through another annual Christian holiday. This is three in a row since I played basketball with my head on the wooden floor of my office. Now that I seem to be back on track somewhat, I decided what I’d …

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Oct 08


October 08, 2014 Ten months since CABG, just a couple of days since grafting new brake lines on the BMW. I just completed a post on my Recovery Page looking back on the ten months since I toppled onto the floor and, like the leper playing poker, almost tossed in my hand. Well, it hasn’t …

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Sep 16

Sports Uniforms for the…Bold…

Ah, so it’s a rainy Tuesday here in not-so-Aridzona and a fun day to consider: sports uniforms. Why sports uniforms? Because I don’t particularly like organized sports and abhor sitting in front of the mindless (tube, monitor, tablet, fill in the blank) while watching illiterate millionaires provide a life for a mindless and inert audience. However, I do …

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Jan 09

Red Hartman, Early Arizona Harley Dealer, Rides Off into a New Adventure

Red Hartman, a franchised Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer from 1948 until 1988, is now riding knuckleheads and panheads along roads the rest of us will eventually visit. Red’s first shop was Cochise County Harley-Davidson Sales in Douglas, Arizona. Years later he opened Hartman Harley-Davidson Sales in Sierra Vista. When Cochise H-D rolled its first hardly-ablesons out onto US …

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Aug 24

Sex in the Cockpit: Part II

Sex in the cockpit is much more common than many people–both pilots and non-pilots–like to either consider or admit. Of course, as I detailed in a previous post about the Mile High Club, I’m not referring to coitus, whether interrupted, consummated or even a remote possibility. It’s the underlying sexual tension that can cause some men (and women) …

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Jul 24

The Mile High Club: Sex in the Cockpit

The Mile High Club: tales of sex in the cockpit abound, particularly among non-aviators ensconced at a watering-hole, imbibing glasses filled to the brim with instant idiot. Many years ago, sitting at the bar (sipping instant idiot) in a downtown Denver hotel, I overheard a conversation in which the narrator–a real raconteur–described having sex with a girl while he …

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Apr 09

Old Trucks…Old Junk…Detritus of the Past

Old trucks, old junk, old men sifting through the detritus of their past. I found this photo of a Chevy truck for sale, seems to me that it might have been taken in either Deming or Lordsburg, New Mexico, probably sometime around 1978 or 1979. I didn’t ask how much the owner wanted, don’t know …

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Mar 24

Harley: the FXDP

Downtown the other day I met a straw man who commented on my lack of a Harley. Straw man, such as in the guy who said, really does exist. He was a visitor, his Vietnam Vet hat screwed on over top of the tin-foil covering his pate to still those annoying voices. The hat was …

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Mar 16

Middle of the Road Bicycling

What do you call bicycles, lots of them, with spandex-garbed riders proceeding up an down the hills in groups? Well, in a race, that might be a peloton, a pack or riders vying for position, focusing on every advantage, marshaling their resources for the possibility of a break-away. However, there’s something different about these ‘cyclists. …

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Feb 03

Time to Ride

When the political situation (or whatever else bothers me) seems really crazy, it’s time to ride. Little problems–city manager screwing the people who live here, what more should we expect–can be a local ride; often the bicycle is more effective than a two-wheeler with an engine because of the personal energy expended. Then, there are those conditions …

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