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May 06

Do not go gentle into that good night…

Dylan Thomas told us, “Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” As old age slips his hoary fingers through my graying hair and holds my hand in his, I sometimes think of Thomas’ words. However, many years …

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Dec 09

Fake News Part II

Fake News stories aren’t accurate. Usually the inaccuracy is intentional, agenda driven distortion. No shit, I can imagine someone murmuring. How long did it take for you to figure that out? Interestingly enough, these distortions have been with us for many years, varying primarily in the sophistication of their distortion. Fin de siecle (end of the 19th …

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Dec 05

Fake News – Part I

I’ve been seeing, encountering, reading more articles about…Fake News. Fake News? Yeah, the shit stories spread by minions of Donald Strumpet’s BFF Vlad Putin. Lies written by guys and girls working in alt.right dark environs like bugs under piles of feces and comments posted at the end of legitimate stories by paid shills for the creeps who are destroying our …

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Aug 15

Commands, Orders and Force Continuum…a Fire Burning Ever Closer

I began working on this post at the beginning of August, before the events that recently unfurled in Ferguson, Missouri. (You know the story: Cop shoots, kills, unarmed young black man following a brief confrontation. Community is outraged. Riots follow, local police see force continuum as the answer to the uppity people who demand change …

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Jul 07

Einstein and the Indian Girl

The grinning gentleman garbed in a suit, holding a peace pipe and wearing a chief’s headdress in the Life Magazine image above is none other than Albert Einstein. The lady to Einstein’s left is his wife. Einstein’s enjoyment in meeting a group of Hopi native seems rather obvious. I’ve seen reprints of the photo many times over …

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Jun 30

Fireworks, Alcohol and Independence Day

June 30, 2014 Last day in June as I write this drivel so, unless our guv’mint alters the calendar, Independence Day will be here soon…with all its concomitant fireworks, alcohol and patriotic rantings. I wonder if the people in Iraq (yeah, the ones we emancipated from living under the boot heel of Saddam Hussein) are celebrating July …

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Nov 06

Time to Fire General Alexander?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for President Obama to consider firing General Keith Alexander. You know, Keith, the guy at NSA who Obama approaches hat in hand to request if, at least if it’s not too inconvenient, it’s possible for Alexander and his minions (all thousands of them…) to stop spying on everyone in the …

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Oct 15

RIP: Bisbee’s Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl

Bisbee, Arizona’s fun time musicians Whiskey Girl and a Nowhere Man have moved on. Amy Ross, Whiskey Girl part of the popular duo, grabbed the next spoke in the inexorable wheel Monday, October 14, in a Tucson hospital as a result of complications from Lupus. Her husband, Derrick Ross, chose to join her just a few …

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Feb 09

Chief Charley Beck’s “Tragic Misinterpretation”

News about seven policemen firing on a pickup truck in what LAPD Chief Charley Beck calls a “tragic misinterpretation” is even more appalling than the ex-Los Angeles cop going whacko and killing people. Remember, this is just one nutjob the police are after, not an army. According to news reports, thousands of California police have their …

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Jan 09

Red Hartman, Early Arizona Harley Dealer, Rides Off into a New Adventure

Red Hartman, a franchised Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer from 1948 until 1988, is now riding knuckleheads and panheads along roads the rest of us will eventually visit. Red’s first shop was Cochise County Harley-Davidson Sales in Douglas, Arizona. Years later he opened Hartman Harley-Davidson Sales in Sierra Vista. When Cochise H-D rolled its first hardly-ablesons out onto US …

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