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Apr 01

daskeyboard Pro 4S Review

When I bought my new computer, I added the daskeyboard Professional 4S switch-type input device. Want lots more info: try the daskeyboard website. The boards are available in both PC and Apple flavors though they’re mostly Henry Ford Model T black. It’s a wired (no, not weird) keyboard, the first I’ve had for several years …

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Feb 19

BenQ BL3200PT WQHD Monitor (Review Part 3)

This section of my new computer review covers the BenQ BL3200 32″ WQHD monitor that I purchased from Amazon. It’s an AMVA panel (check out the technologies at which has slower response time than a TN or an IPS but that deficit is of no significance for my purposes. Yes, the young lady arrived …

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Feb 10

Core i7 5820K Burn-in, BenQ 32″ Monitor (Part 2)

OK, moving on to the first step in ensuring that my newly arrived Cyberpowerpc Core i7 5820K gets to stay. (Above a frontal view of the new machine, plugged in to a UPS at the right and after testing but before wrapping the multitude of cables running from the desktop down with hook and loop ties.) I unboxed, ensured that …

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Jan 30

Cyberpowerpc i7 5820K Computer and BenQ 3200 Monitor Review

My office now sports a new Cyberpowerpc computer and a 32 inch BenQ monitor. That’s an inside the case image of the new box with its water cooled CPU and Intel 730 OC SSD main drive after I opened the system minutes after it arrived at my house. Why a new computer and monitor? My …

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