10K Steps Per Day

Sunday Evening, July 27, 2014: Yes, I Did My 10K Steps Today


10,000 steps each day. Hmmm. That’s a sentence fragment. Suppose I should have inserted a verb somewhere in there. Steps are, for example. Ten thousand steps are: then I can add an adjective or a qualifier of some sort. Ten thousand steps per day are good for the heart, a concept that is supposed to be true if the steps involve walking on a sidewalk, trail, street or path of some sort as opposed to stepping on the heart ten thousand times. That’s what my poor, old pumper felt like after I keeled over on the floor.

So, likely walking ten thousand steps each day is a healthy habit to get into. Well, likely it is. Had I been walking 10K steps each day, maybe I wouldn’t have had a heart attack. Of course I’m aware that’s nonsense. I was riding a bicycle 20 to 25 miles four or five times each week and that didn’t save my putrid bacon. The aerobic exercise might have helped keep me from croaking when I collapsed like a used condom tossed to the floor and it might have helped speed my recovery time but it didn’t prevent the myocardial infarction.

No matter, now I’m adhering to the 10K Steps Per Day program. That’s a turn-around area in the image above, it’s just outside the part of town where I live and I can pause for a convenient relief stop before walking back home. My legs are short, only an inch or two longer than the cat’s legs (though his are much more attractive than mine, what with their fluffy, white fur), so I don’t cover a tremendous amount of real estate even when I step off ten thousand times. I did a web search that yielded the estimate of two and a half feet average per step for most homo erectuses. That’s about six inches more than my average. So it goes.

Is it 10K steps each day or every day? Parsing the terms I would think they both mean the same thing, unlike the bet “I can do two pushups for every one you do…” I challenged a Marine captain one drunken night at the 82nd Airborne Bar at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. (I seem to remember the club being referred to as The Rathskeller but since I was usually drunk when I went there, well, who knows?) The aforesaid Marine dropped to the floor and pumped out somewhere around 80 or 90 pushups before jumping to his feet.

I did two pushups. The bet was “two pushups for every one you can do,” not for “each one you do.” The Marine didn’t understand the humor in my twisted semantics. I scooted out as quickly as possible before he took his revenge.

Ah, well, now it’s 10K steps every day. Or each day. Or on the occasional day…

Healthy is as healthy does. Wish I could make my brain healthy. Maybe new fuel lines would work for it, too.