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Dec 09

Temporarily Down for Maintenance…

Four years ago I was Temporarily Down for Maintenance, sprawled on the wooden floor of my computer room, gasping for breath, hoping for a quick reboot to recover from what ailed me. Well, that’s what my significant other tells me. I don’t know; my memory of that particular day–the entire day and a few other …

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May 17

Coffee and Heart Disease

OK, more information on heart disease, to be specific: coffee and heart disease. Before reading my drivel, you might want to scan this article in the New York Times written by Dr. Aaron Carroll, a pediatrician. Now, assuming you read the Time’s health story, has anyone told you not to drink java ’cause it’s bad for you? …

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Apr 12

CABG Update: 1 Year and 4 Months

Time for a CABG update: 1 year and 4 months without any complications, problems or, surprisingly enough, complaints. That’s right, folks, it’s been a year ‘n a third since Dr. Robert S. Poston of Tucson opened my chest and replaced three fuel lines. What did I expect at the time? To be honest, I wasn’t …

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Dec 23

Another Anniversary

Well, it’s another anniversary, December 23, this one marking one year since Dr. Robert S. Poston took a chainsaw to my chest and exposed my black heart. I vaguely remember hearing the surgeons discussing what they found. “Which one is the heart? I can’t find the number on this fiche…” “It’s the one on the …

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Dec 09

It’s Been One Year Since I Had a Heart Attack (Reborn…born again…Airborne, sir!)

It’s been one year since I fell over on the floor of my office and tried to pass into another stage of being using a heart attack as my ticket to oblivion. EOTWAWKI, personal version. Very personal. Ah, well. Didn’t make the transition quite yet. No ashes to ashes, dust to dust, shit to fertilizer. …

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Oct 23

Ten Months Seems Almost Like a Year When it Comes to CABG

December 23 ten months ago is a pretty vague memory; I spent most of the day in a thick fog of anesthesia and pain medications following my CABG. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft-CABG–is an acronym that still sends a chill up my spine now that I know what the letters stand for and how they apply …

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Jul 27

10K Steps Per Day

Sunday Evening, July 27, 2014: Yes, I Did My 10K Steps Today 10,000 steps each day. Hmmm. That’s a sentence fragment. Suppose I should have inserted a verb somewhere in there. Steps are, for example. Ten thousand steps are: then I can add an adjective or a qualifier of some sort. Ten thousand steps per …

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Jul 23

Seven Month Old CABG

Seven months ago this morning, about 0630 on December 23, 2013, the fine folks at University Medical Center in Tucson rolled pale, shivering me into the operating theater for what will hopefully be my last performance of the kind. Sometime later in the day, I was wheeled out, down the hall, up the elevator and into Cardio …

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Jun 24

Living with CABG: Going Home

CABG Chronicles: Part VI Christmas, 2013, was my last day in Cardio ICU. I hoped vainly that the two young nurses with the perky…er…attitude would surprise me with a special treat but no such luck. Maybe had I been younger but I don’t think too many of the girls were interested in a weasley old …

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Jun 23

At Last, My CABG Is Here…

CABG Chronicles, Part VI 0600, December 23, 2013…my CABG day had arrived. CABGx3, to be precise. Three new fuel lines to my pumper. No food after 2000 the night before, just fluids. Up at six, my chest is shaved and I’m rolled down the hall to the operating theater. Significant other accompanies me but I’m …

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