Day Six. Quoting God: “The Limits of My Power…You Gotta Understand…

godI was reading one of the many, many stories about the Pope’s comments as he travels about the world. Wow. I was fascinated by Benedict’s insights regarding God’s reaction to victims of abuse. Benedict believes–and since Benedict is the Pope and the Catholic Church decided back in the 1870 that the Pope is infallible in matters regarding what God believes, he (Benedict, not God) must per force be correct–that God weeps when He reads about victim abuse.

How does God know about these victims?

Well, maybe He listens to the stories on Fox News while he watches the Fox cuties as they cross and uncross their legs and wiggle their hoots. Or He surfs the net, you know, dude, the Pope reads Internet stories, always a good source of factual information.

Then, I remembered the teachings of my youth.

God knows everything. EVERY-Fucking-THING. He knows what happens, what’s happening, what will happen. He knows what we’re gonna do before we do it. That, of course, brings up the topic of predestination, which I broached with the Base Chaplain when I was 13 or so. A mistake, believe me. Anyway, I also recalled that God is…not only omniscient (He knows every-fucking-thing), He’s also omnipotent (He’s All-fucking-powerful). He can do anything He wants.

Which brings us to: if He knows everything and can do anything: why doesn’t He stop the abuse before it happens? You know, He could stop war, murder, all that shit? Not a new question, either, is it?

Well, what about an interview with God, kinda like the Republican debates, you know, with zingers. Gotchas, as the Donald calls ’em. Or is it The Donald, more or less like God? Or…The God, since there’s only one of Him.

Maybe I should spend my time contemplating my navel. That’s likely more enlightening than this drivel.