Day Three: nooz f’um th’ census fokes…4 Thanksgivin’

Day Three of two weeks of senseless new posts…and while we’re referring to senseless, it’s time for a 2020 Census reminder. I quote this factoid (no joke; this is taken directly from a Census webpage):

Did You Know? The estimated {of what is now known as the United States} population in 1620 was 2,499 according to this table on page 25 of “Historical Statistics of the United States,” published in 1949 by the Census Bureau.

Right. Did those 2,499 European white people who had staked claim to an entire new world without having an iota of an idea of how big the land was or any concept of whether or not they had the right to make such a claim…did they so much as consider the possibility that some day in the far, far, distant future the descendants of an estimated ten million or so native Americans or first Americans (as we refer to them now) who were alive and residing within the area that would become known as the United States would be considered…human beings…four centuries later?

What a silly question.

The colonists had no concept of what they were doing here. They didn’t really know where here was. These interlopers had no clue how many of the odd, red-skinned creatures lived here. Right was not considered for, after all, a white-skinned, Christian God gave all rights to His people. And, it’s laughable to even think the colonists could have imagined in their wildest dreams how many of their descendents would populate this land four hundred years in the future.

Another factoid: modern anthropologists speculate that somewhere around ten million aboriginal men, women and children were alive in North America in the early 1600’s. In 2019, the estimated total of native Americans (people sometimes referred to as Indians) living in the United States numbers around five million. Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic Senator who is campaigning to be nominated as her party’s 2020 Presidential candidate, is not one of these native Americans.

Sorry, Pocahontas. Maybe in another lifetime. Meanwhile, you might slather on a tube of ManTan self-tanner if you can find some. It made people look kind’a red.

Disclaimer: I am a causasian though I can’t say I’m particularly proud of what my race has done to the world. I’m a registered Green, though my home state no longer recognizes the right of Green Party members to be on the ballot. I don’t particularly like Elizabeth Warren but she’s a prince among politicians compared to that fat fuck who is our current US President.